Data Mining is the process of analyzing and summarizing data into useful information to increase revenue, cut costs, and grow businesses. It is a proactive solution for business owners looking to gain a competitive edge. Before, we were only able to analyze what a company’s customers or clients HAD DONE, but now, with the help of Data Mining, we can predict what clientele WILL DO. Data Mining allows companies to make better, more informed business decisions.

To make this process much easier, data mining software has been developed, allowing users to better analyze data from several different angles, categorize it and summarize the resulting patterns. One of the most useful data mining tools on the market today is Complete Software’s Inquiry Tool. The benefits of this tool include:

•           The Inquiry Tool adapts to every client’s environment to provide a seamless solution.

•           The easy use of the Inquiry Tool provides instant information without knowledge of an accounting system.

•           The Inquiry Tool can group and filter databased on the user’s requirements.

•           The Inquiry Tool can export data to standard reporting tools such as Excel or Crystal Reports.

•           The Inquiry Tool can link F/S groupings to an individual account number.

The Inquiry Tool provides instant access to your accounting data. Users can access vendor information, detailed transactions, check number information and much more!

This product was designed to provide information to accounting and non-accounting users in a format that is recognizable to both. Inquiry Tool can be customized so that accounting and non-accounting professionals can specify the layout of each report and save the format of each report for future use.

The Inquiry Tool allows users to sub-group information and apply multiple filters to the data to achieve the required reports. Additional non-accounting information can be added to provide users with a complete view of the company’s information. This software will provide you with tools, which can access millions of records and filter them down to a single record in the matter of seconds. The Inquiry Tool will put you in touch with your data by eliminating system limitations in your accounting system.

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Based out of Catonsville, Maryland, Complete Software (CS) is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics SL as well as a unique software developer providing solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the country. The CS development team writes customized software solutions for core products at a competitive price.

Our goal is to provide a complete financial system with a core Microsoft Dynamics foundation. We offer a variety of services including Microsoft Dynamics consulting, system evaluation, business process analysis, system design, customizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and system upgrades.

Complete Software’s areas of expertise include: Financial, Sales and Distribution, System Integration, Web-based Tools, Accounting Support, and Labor Union Reporting Needs.

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Data Mining: What is Data Mining?