Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) is designed for rapid implementation and ease of use to help your organization work at peak performance. Currently, there are more than 300,000 businesses utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions to stay ahead of the competition. GP allows you to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow – ultimately driving business growth.

The top 10 reasons to purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP for your business include:

  1. User-friendly Solution: Designed to work with existing (and familiar) Microsoft software, GP requires little training time. This means that your employees will be able to focus on their core business activities instead of learning a new program. After all, what good is new “innovative” software if it is not intuitive and wastes more time than it saves?
  2. Ready When You Are: GP is ready right out of the box, meaning you can get to work quickly without any significant downtime.
  3. Adapt Functionality: No two businesses are alike. That is why GP allows you to adapt functionality, allowing you and your company to meet the unique needs of your clients.
  4. Easily Access Critical Information: GP has more than 220 out-of-the-box reports, role-based dashboards, gauges, charts, and graphs – all of which allow you to easily access critical information when you need it. This allows you to stay connected, speed up planning, analyze data, and increase overall business performance.
  5. Real-time Access: In today’s fast paced world, you demand software that works just as fast as you do. GP lets you go beyond basic reporting with advanced analytics such as: predictive modeling and shopping basket analysis and refreshable Office Excel reports.
  6. Portal-based Access: You and your employees can access GP information with Office Excel, Office Outlook and mobile devices from virtually any location.
  7. Connecting People and Systems: GP allows you to bring together employees and customers through built-in workflows and built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  8. Return on Investment (ROI): GP helps accelerate installation time, which means that you are up and running before you know it. Less downtime means a quicker ROI.
  9. Scalability: GP not only fits your needs today, but it also changes as your business grows.
  10. Consistent Product Releases: You can run your business knowing that you’re backed by a Microsoft commitment to a 10-year support life cycle for each major release, as well as a rich Business Ready Enhancement Plan that includes unlimited online training, access to self-service support, and more.

So why aren’t you using Microsoft Dynamics GP to help grow your business?

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Based out of Catonsville, Maryland, Complete Software (CS) is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics SL as well as a unique software developer providing solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the country. The CS development team writes customized software solutions for core products at a competitive price.

Our goal is to provide a complete financial system with a core Microsoft Dynamics foundation. We offer a variety of services including Microsoft Dynamics consulting, system evaluation, business process analysis, system design, customizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and system upgrades.

Complete Software’s areas of expertise include: Financial, Sales and Distribution, System Integration, Web-based Tools, Accounting Support, and Labor Union Reporting Needs.

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