Owning and operating a business is a lot of work. And as your business grows, the work only gets harder. And when your business expands to multiple locations, the work not only becomes even harder, but also much more complicated, especially in terms of accounting and reporting.

This was the problem faced by one Atlanta, Georgia based company that manages retail property investments on behalf of a wide range of institutional and private investment groups. As of 2009, the firm’s portfolio comprised 22 regional malls located across the United States. Because of the nature of the business, the company frequently had to prepare detailed financial reports to track their investors’ returns.

“Preparing reports consumed a tremendous amount of our time because we had to compile data from multiple accounts for each report,” said a company representative. “If the numbers didn’t add up, we had to go back through as many as eight sets of books to reconcile the error, depending on how many properties that investor had a stake in. It could take days to track down the source of a discrepancy.”

The Solution: Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP looks and feels like familiar Microsoft Office applications, making the system incredibly user friendly. This, coupled with Microsoft Dynamic GP’s enhanced reporting capabilities makes the system a no-brainer for any organization looking to simplify and improve accounting practices at the same time.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Productivity: Switching from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP reduced the company’s end-of-month closing period from more than three weeks to just 10 days.
  • Cost Effective: Dynamics GP boasts low upfront and ongoing IT costs. “In our experience so far, the hosted solution has worked as advertised. Microsoft Dynamics in a hosted setup makes great sense for a growing or midmarket company looking to acquire a top-notch business system. It offers a low cost of entry with predictable IT costs,” said a company representative.
  • Hosted & On-Premises Options: Dynamics GP customers have the option between on-premises and hosted solutions. Or, customers can even mix the best of on-premises software and hosted services.
  • Reliability: “The hosted solution not only frees us from taking care of the technology, but even from having to find a place in our offices to keep the servers running and everything that’s associated with that,” said a company representative.
  • And more!

Want to Learn More?

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