Software Solutions From the Very Start

John Murphy founded Complete Software in 2004, after he realized that labor unions needed customized software solutions for their reporting software. His skills and training as a Certified Professional Accountant aided him in designing programs that identified the right data and reported it accurately.

The LM-2 report that was required by the DOL was an obstacle to unions – the data that had to be discovered and then accurately input took time away from already overworked personnel. Customers began to request additional customization for the Department of Labor’s (DOL) LM-2 and John and his staff began programming additional modules that added functionality and streamlined processes.

Marrying the disciplines of accounting and programming, John built Complete Software one customer at a time. The accounting software for labor unions that he designed increased our reputation for producing customized software that increased the usability of existing systems.

As Microsoft’s Great Plains program became an industry standard, the company quickly expanded to accommodate the training and support needs generated by this innovative software. Microsoft SL’s popularity provided us with even more opportunity, and as we grew, so did our success at creating customized software modules. These modules can be attached to existing software programs and allow users to maximize their investments in these systems.

For almost a decade we’ve helped our clients with their software systems by providing support and expertise. In a world where outsourcing is the norm, Complete Software’s support team consists of experts who are interviewed and hired by our management team.

Our service doesn’t end with the last training session, when our customers have questions; we’re there with answers. Our ability to access your system remotely allows us to remedy situations in a precise, efficient manner.

At Complete Software, we ensure that you take advantage of every feature and benefit of your existing software and we provide you with additional tools to make your system complete – providing you with the Complete Software Solution.

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