Your Microsoft Dynamics SL Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an enterprise resource-planning program designed to streamline your business. This Microsoft software solution allows different departments to interact in a seamless fashion. With a learning curve that’s easy to navigate and fully supported by the publisher, Microsoft Dynamics SL allows businesses to excel.

Communication gaps are virtually eliminated, and the data that’s input into Microsoft Dynamics SL can be accessed, shared, and best of all – used – by anyone in the company. When your business decides to purchase a software program like Microsoft Dynamics SL, it requires extensive research and discussion.

Complete Software will meet with you and conduct a review of the current state of your software and network. Our status as a Certified Microsoft Partner means we receive the latest training, and product updates and we share this knowledge with you.

After the purchase, attention turns towards having the software installed correctly to avoid any conflicts between existing systems and software and making sure it performs as advertised. Our team is extremely familiar with Microsoft Dynamics SL and our install method follows a procedure that ensures a painless installation. We meet with the primary users of Microsoft Dynamics SL to discover their needs – from the everyday users to employees who may only interface with SL on a limited basis. This step ensures that the software is installed and modified so users get exactly what they want, and your business benefits.

Complete Software provides services in the areas of network setup and accounting software installation. Complete Software can provide classroom training, remote webinar learning and small group or individual sessions. We can also provide training manuals which provide step-by-step instructions with screen shots for the visual learner. Experience tells us that users learn in different same ways; thus, we take a customized training approach to meet each client’s needs.

If you prefer, we also offer monthly contracts for extended support of Microsoft Dynamics SL, and we even have the capabilities to access a user’s computer and perform “on screen” support. As the user experience grows, and your team becomes familiar with Microsoft Dynamics SL, we’ll be available to provide additional training and updates to maximize your investment.

Investing in a software package doesn’t have to be a stressful experience – all you need is a partner that’s experienced and knowledgeable.

All you need is Complete Software.

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