Do you want to learn how segmenting your customers can increase profits? Do you want to learn how focusing your business on your best customers, suppliers and products can increase your profits? And do you want to learn how value-added services can increase your profits?

Of course you do! And Microsoft Dynamics SL can help.

Business Problem #1: Are you spending too much time on the wrong customers?

Success is often directly linked to an industrial distributor’s ability to develop customer intimacy by identifying customer needs, how to best service them, and the costs associated with doing so. The problem is that many distributors lack the financial software to track customer relationships and determine which are the most profitable. And without this type of insight, how do you determine which customers are worth investing in?

The more you know about your customers, the better you can respond to unexpected fluctuations and the more accurately you can forecast demands. All of this directly impacts your bottom line!

Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics AX business management software can help provide the insights we mentioned above, including:

  • Insights into your customers’ needs
  • The best ways to serve those needs
  • The costs associated with meeting those needs
  • Real-time data about demand trends
  • The performance of product lines or items

All of this will help you forecast demand, make better inventory planning decisions, and unlock the power of a demand-driven supplier network.

Business Problem #2: The first place to look for increased profits may be inside your own business, not elsewhere. So before you do anything else, you must first address the need to cut costs, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

Reducing redundancies and errors in your internal processes is a great way to improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase profits without ever having to look at external factors. However, this is often easier said than done.

Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics AX business management software gives you full operational visibility across your organization, supply chain, and customer base. This can help you fine tune your pricing, support, purchasing, delivery, and operational costs, which, in turn, will help you maximize margins and decide where to invest for the future.

Business Problem #3: Customers don’t just want value-added services. They expect them.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important areas you can focus on as an industrial distributor. Yet, many distributors do not have the infrastructure or processes to support the creation and delivery of new “value added” services that their customers are demanding. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

-Different reporting capabilities

-Shipments within a 2- to 3-hour window

-Special packaging or palletizing

-Vendor Managed Inventory

-New technology such as RFID and bar code scanning, EDI/XML ordering, and Web portals

Responding to customer demand requires business management software that can keep up with those demands, software like Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics AX. These tools can help you gain a competitive edge by helping you identify what customers are looking for, and then customize product and order identification, tracking, labeling, and unitizing standards. Other benefits include:

-It lets you map tracking data directly to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

-Provides vendor-managed inventory (VMI) for your customers

-Helps you increase efficiency by leveraging bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID)

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