Accountants and other financial professionals require software designed for their specific needs. After all, proper book keeping is the backbone of any strong business.

Benefits of Financial Software

  • Multi-Company Accounting: Specifically designed financial software for accountants offer additional financial tools, such as the ability to handle accounting for numerous corporate entities. And this is critical when you consider that many accounting firms have dozens or even hundreds of clients.
  • Better Reporting Capabilities: Odds are that your clients want to know what is going on with their finances. Because of this, reporting becomes an incredibly important aspect of any accounting firm.
  • Tax Preparation: Tax preparation is far from easy. That is why countless companies choose to outsource their tax prep. Tax preparation and financial accounting software is designed to make this process substantially easier.
  • Increased Security: Given the amount of financial data you may be handling for a multitude of different clients, increased security is a must for any professional accounting firm.
  • Increased Performance: The capabilities of non-accounting specific software can be easily exceeded by accountants with even just a few clients, resulting in slower reporting.
  • Regulation Compliance: Understanding regulatory requirements is a critical aspect of accounting and book keeping. Financial software is designed to better meet the regulatory requirements of clients in varying industries with varying regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics: Financial Software and More from Microsoft

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL: Microsoft Dynamics SL helps to automate financial, project and supply chain management and is ideal for small and midsize companies that need to integrate with other systems and serve customers better. It is available in two editions: Standard and Professional.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP: Microsoft Dynamics GP is a full-featured business management solution that streamlines and automates financial, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

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Based out of Catonsville, Maryland, Complete Software (CS) is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics SL as well as a unique software developer providing solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the country. The CS development team writes customized software solutions for core products at a competitive price.

Our goal is to provide a complete financial system with a core Microsoft Dynamics foundation to businesses and labor unions located in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, New York, and New Jersey. We offer a variety of services including Microsoft Dynamics consulting, system evaluation, business process analysis, system design, customizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and system upgrades.

Complete Software’s areas of expertise include: Financial, Sales and Distribution, System Integration, Web-based Tools, Accounting Support, and Financial, Sales and Distribution, System Integration, Web-based Tools, Accounting Support.

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