While businesses in the public sector and commercial marketplace share similar accounting needs – such as cash management, analytical report tracking, creating budgets, and more – government agencies require solutions designed to meet their unique needs and comply with strict GASB standards. Because of this, there have been several accounting software systems built to meet the demands of government agencies, systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Benefits of Government Accounting Software

  • Adherence to GASB Standards: Government Accounting Standards Board regulations (GASB) include a requirement for a fund accounting approach to managing financial data. Government accounting software helps agencies meet these requirements and more!
  • Better Manage Financial Data: While government agencies are not concerned with funds in the same way as private businesses, they must track the allocation of funds for specific purposes, including tracking expenditures back to specific fund sources.
  • Wide Variety of Modules: Government agencies come in all shapes and sizes and have different needs when it comes to accounting software. Government accounting software offers a wide variety of modules for various departmental needs.
  • Financial Insights: Government accounting software allows agencies to gain deeper financial insights over their department while also tightening control over finances.

Government agencies, while unique from commercial companies, are still tasked to lower operating expenses while also maintaining an error-free financial ledger. And without the right accounting software, this task can be downright impossible!

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