Microsoft Dynamics GP can be used as an important accounting tool to facilitate school administration. Fargo Public Schools and West Fargo Public Schools have been using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Fargo and West Fargo public school districts of North Dakota are grades K-12 educators comprising more than 1,500 teachers and staff and serving almost 20,000 students. Although they operate as different school districts, Fargo Public Schools and West Fargo Public Schools share one thing in common: their use of Microsoft Dynamics GP to facilitate school administration.

By integrating their timekeeping and substitute teacher management systems with Microsoft Dynamics GP, the districts automated formerly manual processes, eliminating the need to rekey payroll information and ensuring accurate timekeeping and reporting.

Preparing reports has become simpler now that the districts can draw on a centralized source of school information via Microsoft Dynamics GP. According to one of the school administrators, Microsoft Dynamics GP can draw on the information from other systems and have eliminated the need for manual data reentry. Running a report is now a matter of a few clicks of the mouse rather than a tedious effort of pulling information from various files and systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ties easily with SQL Reporting Services. This helps the schools to quickly check their spending and balances anytime from the web.

Since deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP, West Fargo Public Schools has grown in staff by almost 42 percent without having to add considerably more to its back-office operation. Fargo Public Schools has been able to control staffing while enhancing and improving the services it provides to its staff and community.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is hence a great tool for the growing organization like Fargo Public Schools. This accounting software easily integrates with your database and works seamlessly with SQL Reporting Services.

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