Week #4

Welcome back to our new series of blog posts, Simplifying The Geek Speak!  Thanks for continuing to tune in.  For those of you just joining us…this blog is setting out to simplify the overly complicated.

Did you know your computer has an IP address?  And that is pronounced as letters, example:  EYE – PEE – Address.  Before you panic, an IP address is a good thing.  It’s how you use the internet.   Think of your phone – it has a phone number, right?  Well, your computer has the same thing.  It’s a number special to just your computer, that lets the internet know which computer is yours.  Way back when, we had phone books.  You could look in a phone book and find someone’s name, address, and phone number.  Well, the internet has the same thing.  There is a great big phone book of numbers (IP Addresses) and that is how your computer is identified on the internet.

Example: You go on the internet to watch a movie, your computer sends a signal to the computer that has the movie on it, and the signal includes your IP Address.  When the movie computer gets ready to send the movie for you to watch, it sends it to the IP Address that was in your original request.  Voila!  You are now watching movies!


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