Week #5

Welcome back to our new series of blog posts, Simplifying The Geek Speak!  Thanks for continuing to tune in.  For those of you just joining us…this blog is setting out to simplify the overly complicated.

Recently I was helping a client with their computer.  The reason I was there was because the computer was running slow and running out of room.  The client…we will call him Jack…was concerned because he had deleted a bunch of files, but he still didn’t have room on his computer to save new files.

First of all, yes, if your hard drive is getting full it can slow your computer down.  Second of all – there is more than one place to delete files.  It is great if you go to your My Documents folder, right click, and say “Delete”.

But that is just a temporary delete.  When you first delete a file, it goes to your Recycle Bin.  It’s kind of a holding place.  You still have to delete what is in your Recycle Bin.  Your Recycle Bin is usually on your desktop.  Right click on it and click “Empty Recycle Bin”.

This tells your computer that it is ok to remove the files.  Just to get a little technical – these files still aren’t removed from your computer.  Your computer just removes them from your view and allows where they are saved to be written over with new files.  There are some utilities out there that will allow you to get the files back even after you have emptied your Recycle Bin.

Think of it this way – when you first delete a file, it throws it in the trash can in your kitchen.  When you take the trash out and put it in your outdoor trash cans is when you “Empty Recycle Bin”.

Once I helped “Jack” clean out his recycle bin, his computer was back up and running like he needed.


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