Merged Cells

Merged Cells are pretty easy to use.  A “merged cell” is two or more cells joined together to form one big cell.  Usually, merging is simply a formatting feature.  Let’s look at our two examples.  First, a standard spreadsheet comparing values across months and years.

Merged Cells 2

This gives us our values, but it’s just a little boring and not eye catching at all.  What happens if we merge cells?  Highlight the cells you would like to combine and choose Home | Alignment | Merge & Center.  Now we have something just a little nicer!

Merged Cells

We admit, we changed the orientation of the text in the first merged cell so this looks a bit more appealing, but that was all.  For orientation, right click on the cell and go to Format Cells and the Alignment Tab.

Stay tuned next week for how to add more formatting to your spreadsheets!


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