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Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2015 to Dynamics GP 2016 Error

Error: ( A get/change operation on table ‘gpAppEnabled’ cannot find the table. )  A system upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 to GP 2016 was done on the server and an installation of GP 2016 on one of the workstations was completed. Upon signing in as non-sa User on the new GP 2016, the [...]

Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2015 to Dynamics GP 2016 Error2017-12-13T11:55:44-05:00

Unable to Apply Sales Transaction

Issue: Error when trying to apply sales transaction in the Apply Sales Documents. Unable to choose the document because it is part of a recovered batch or is still in the process of posting Scenario 1: After running the SQL script [select * from SY00500 where BACHNUMB - {'XXX'}], BCHSTTUS and MKDTOPST do not equal [...]

Unable to Apply Sales Transaction2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Clock Missing From Desktop

Is your clock not showing on your task bar on your desktop? If you have multiple screens, or just the one, follow these steps to make your clock re-appear: 1) Navigate to your task bar and right-click, choose 'Properties' 2) Under Taskbar, unclick 'Auto-hide taskbar buttons' 3) Click 'Show taskbar on all displays' and then [...]

Clock Missing From Desktop2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Install Professional Service Tools Library

Microsoft made all of the tools in Professional Service Tools Library free, but you do need to install an updated file in order to access them. Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to download the current version of Professional Service Tools Library to receive access to all of the free tools and then follow [...]

Install Professional Service Tools Library2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Management Reporter 2012 “Connection to the Server” Error

When you start Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 (MR 2012) you receive one of the following error messages: "A connection to the server could not be established.  Check the server address and try again or contact your system administrator." or "Can't connect to the Management Reporter server." A simple quick check is to verify the times [...]

Management Reporter 2012 “Connection to the Server” Error2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Management Reporter 2012 – How to Clear Report Queue?

It is often noted that after generating a report, Management Reporter 2012 keeps the logs of the same and during the course these are piled up and at times you will need to clear these report queues.  The below steps will help you to clear the queues. Log in to SQL Management Studio with administrative [...]

Management Reporter 2012 – How to Clear Report Queue?2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Microsoft Dynamics GP Unable to Print to PDF

  Are you having a problem printing to a PDF file in GP? If so, we may have a solution that will help. When you attempt to print to PDF, review your file name. Have you included any invalid characters such as commas, slashes, quotations, etc.? If so, remove the invalid characters from your file [...]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Unable to Print to PDF2014-06-20T20:51:20-04:00

Crystal Reports Shutting Down

  Are you having trouble running Crystal Reports? Are you attempting to print a report and finding that it fails and Crystal shuts down? If you are using Server 2012, it may be that you will need to re-install Crystal Reports and run it as administrator. To do this, you should first log on as [...]

Crystal Reports Shutting Down2014-05-30T19:09:15-04:00

Management Reporter Windows Authentication

  Issue: When launching Management Reporter’s Report Designer, a windows log on screen pops up requesting Windows authentication.  This happens because network security is trying to use your browser to reach the server. Resolution:  Change the default viewer in the options tab of Management Reporter’s Report Designer to open with Management Reporter Report Viewer.   In [...]

Management Reporter Windows Authentication2017-08-02T13:58:01-04:00

Slow SQL Server Issue

Experiencing SQL slowdowns? Is it taking forever for your data to process? It may be the memory settings on your SQL server. Read below to find out how to change your memory settings to adjust your Server Memory Options: SQL Server is designed to request as much RAM as possible which will not be released [...]

Slow SQL Server Issue2014-05-05T19:15:53-04:00