Complete Software Integrated Solutions

Knowing how money comes in, and goes out, of your business is vital to its longevity, and if you’re using several different accounting methods accidents and mistakes can occur. Over the course of the past decade, federal and state governments have continued to add new and stricter guidelines in regard to reporting income and filing the correct forms.

Take a look at the tools we have developed which can be easily integrated into your existing system and dramatically simply complex tasks:

Complete Software was founded by a CPA and our first project was developing labor union software to handle the demands of the LM-2. We remain true to our roots by providing clients with custom accounting solutions that allow them to access accounting data and export accounting data in a variety of ways.

Our background also makes us adept at creating and implementing non-profit software solutions. We appreciate the reporting guidelines non-profits have to follow, that’s why our non-profit software solutions are so intuitive. At the same time, we also realize the need for accurate reporting and software that can be modified and updated to meet new rules and regulations that occur with a frightening degree of regularity.

When you contact us for custom accounting solutions, we will schedule a meeting where we review your current accounting system. We will listen to your software needs, develop a plan, and then write custom software that delivers.

If you’re using multiple platforms, our services can help tie them together so information flows freely. This approach encourages easy customization of accounting software, and because our company was founded by a CPA, you can be sure that we are current on new reporting guidelines.

Accounting software doesn’t have to be cumbersome and confusing, it should be constructed so new users are comfortable with the learning curve; experienced users grow as the software evolves; and all users benefit from a custom accounting program. New developments and technologies are born every day. Complete Software can help review the product, discuss how it integrates with your current network, and construct a plan for a seamless transition.

Companies searching for ERP accounting systems should consider our solutions. After all, we not only speak the language, we make sure you and everyone else understands what it means! Our custom accounting software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL and many other similar products. If you need additional modules written in the future, that’s no problem.

Know where your money is going, and where it’s coming from, contact Complete Software at 410-740-1090 or email.