Online Voucher Solution

Our Online Voucher application allows employees, vendors and management to submit vouchers for approval. With the task of data entry delegated throughout the organization, the accounting department can spend more time focusing on more pressing issues.

Online Voucher was designed to be easy for the users, while being secure and functional for the managers.

Online Voucher provides the ability to attach expenses to individual accounts or financial statement line items.

The program also allows non-accountants to attach expenses to financial statement line items without having accounting knowledge.

Online Voucher will ensure proper grouping of expenses to the areas in which the expense was attended.

Here are some reasons why the Online Voucher system is right for your business:

  • Online Voucher integrates accounting data with voucher requests to keep all of the information in one system.
  • Online Voucher allows users to code transactions by using the financial statement line number or account numbers.
  • Online Voucher allows users to track the progress of an individual voucher in the system.
  • Online Voucher provides the ability to make your company green by attaching electronic copies of invoices to each voucher request.
  • Online Voucher will increase the productivity of your accounting and non-accounting staff.

Online Voucher Solution

The online voucher solution provides many functions. Here are some screenshots highlighting a few of these features and functions.

Voucher Entry

Voucher Approval

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