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Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2015 to Dynamics GP 2016 Error

Error: ( A get/change operation on table ‘gpAppEnabled’ cannot find the table. )  A system upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 to GP 2016 was done on the server and an installation of GP 2016 on one of the workstations was completed. Upon signing in as non-sa User on the new GP 2016, the [...]

Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2015 to Dynamics GP 2016 Error2017-12-13T11:55:44-05:00

Integration Manager Error

Integration Manager Error - "Object Reference Could Not Be Set to an Instance of an Object" This is a fairly common error for Integration Manager.  If you look on the internet, the directions below are what you will see for how to fix the issue.  But here’s a hint…check your Data Mapping.  More than likely, [...]

Integration Manager Error2017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Management Reporter Error

 Management Reporter: “Evaluation License Period Expired” and Registration Key Window Doesn’t Open After Acknowledgement If you receive this error message when you try to execute Management Reporter, you will find that the application closes once you acknowledge the error message. To resolve this situation, delete dbo.license on the Management Reporter database. You will be prompted [...]

Management Reporter Error2017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Issues with Macros in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

There seems to be an issue with macros in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. The recording of a macro would result in a blank document after you have upgraded from a prior version of Microsoft Dynamics GP or when you have installed Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for the first time.  In GP, users need Explicit Administrator [...]

Issues with Macros in Microsoft Dynamics GP 20132017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Microsoft Dynamics GP Auditor Error Message

"You don't have Security privileges to open the "Auditor" window.  Contact your systems administrator for assistance." This message will sometimes occur if security has changed that affects Auditor's default security settings. To resolve this, please follow these recommendations: ·         Run the Re-Add Security Data task to reset the security for Auditor. o   To do this, [...]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Auditor Error Message2017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Dynamics SL Error When Logging Into Company

When logging in with Microsoft Dynamics SL, are you getting an error message? To be more specific, are you seeing Fatal Error 9001? This error can be directly related to the log file not being available through SQL. When you try to back up the database or change anything related to that database you will get [...]

Dynamics SL Error When Logging Into Company2017-08-02T13:58:09-04:00