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Management Reporter 2012 “Connection to the Server” Error

When you start Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 (MR 2012) you receive one of the following error messages: "A connection to the server could not be established.  Check the server address and try again or contact your system administrator." or "Can't connect to the Management Reporter server." A simple quick check is to verify the times [...]

Management Reporter 2012 “Connection to the Server” Error2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Management Reporter 2012 – How to Clear Report Queue?

It is often noted that after generating a report, Management Reporter 2012 keeps the logs of the same and during the course these are piled up and at times you will need to clear these report queues.  The below steps will help you to clear the queues. Log in to SQL Management Studio with administrative [...]

Management Reporter 2012 – How to Clear Report Queue?2017-08-02T13:58:00-04:00

Management Reporter Windows Authentication

  Issue: When launching Management Reporter’s Report Designer, a windows log on screen pops up requesting Windows authentication.  This happens because network security is trying to use your browser to reach the server. Resolution:  Change the default viewer in the options tab of Management Reporter’s Report Designer to open with Management Reporter Report Viewer.   In [...]

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Management Reporter Error

 Management Reporter: “Evaluation License Period Expired” and Registration Key Window Doesn’t Open After Acknowledgement If you receive this error message when you try to execute Management Reporter, you will find that the application closes once you acknowledge the error message. To resolve this situation, delete dbo.license on the Management Reporter database. You will be prompted [...]

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Dynamics GP 2010 Management Reporter

Requirements for Management Reporter has caused problems with clients that are not part of a domain. Management Report Requires a Domain to be installed.    

Dynamics GP 2010 Management Reporter2017-08-02T13:58:10-04:00