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We Make Microsoft Dynamics GP Even Greater

If you’re looking for a Microsoft business ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP might be exactly what you need. This ERP software enables businesses to operate smoother and faster – it’s an investment in today and tomorrow.

Before you decide to make that investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Complete Software will visit your business and conduct an analysis to determine the role this software will play in how you conduct business.


As a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant, our job is to help our clients get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics GP by providing them with the Complete Software Solution. Our solution begins with installation of the software, continues with hands-on training, and remains constant with our quality support.

Our certified technicians and team members are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics GP installation and receive continued training from Microsoft to stay current on new developments and features. As a Complete Software customer, you’ll benefit from our experience as a Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller every step of the way – from installation to implementation.

The approach we take with Microsoft Dynamics GP is simple, but effective. Before installing the software, we meet with the employees who will be using Microsoft Dynamics GP – from the administrative personnel to the c-level executives. This helps us determine how the product will be used, and what needs to happen to make the interaction between user and Microsoft Dynamics GP successful and worry free. That includes everything from customizing menus to changing terminology and helping users with features like the dashboard. We determine the reports that will be run most often, and ensure that the right data appears in each pie chart and table.

We know when a program speaks the language of a business, the user base takes a more open approach to using a particular program. Complete Software provides services in the areas of network setup and accounting software installation.

Complete Software can provide classroom training, remote webinar learning and small group or individual sessions. We can also provide training manuals that provide step-by-step instructions with screen shots for the visual learner.

Experience tells us that users learn in different ways, that’s why we take a customized training approach to meet each client’s needs. After the installation and training of Microsoft Dynamics GP, our team doesn’t disappear. We’ll be there to answer questions or help with that report you can’t remember how to run. Our techs can use remote access and provide “on-screen” help.

You’ve made the investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP; we’ll make sure you get the most for your money. Contact us today at 410-740-1090 or email us at

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You’ve made the investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP; we’ll make sure you get the most for your money.

Contact us today at 410-740-1090 or email us at