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Integration Manager Error

Integration Manager Error - "Object Reference Could Not Be Set to an Instance of an Object" This is a fairly common error for Integration Manager.  If you look on the internet, the directions below are what you will see for how to fix the issue.  But here’s a hint…check your Data Mapping.  More than likely, [...]

Integration Manager Error2017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Microsoft Dynamics GP Auditor Error Message

"You don't have Security privileges to open the "Auditor" window.  Contact your systems administrator for assistance." This message will sometimes occur if security has changed that affects Auditor's default security settings. To resolve this, please follow these recommendations: ·         Run the Re-Add Security Data task to reset the security for Auditor. o   To do this, [...]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Auditor Error Message2017-08-02T13:58:02-04:00

Error Message: Invalid Input String

  You may encounter this error message in Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager (IM) when you run integration. This is error occurs because IM was not installed as the administrator in your setup when the first integration was run. You can work around this issue. Simply launch GP as administrator; launch IM and run your [...]

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